Youth Yoga Challenge 2024

Organise a FREE collaborative yoga event

You are less than 35 and you want to inspire others to take up a yoga practice?
Join the Youth Yoga Challenge 2024.
In the spirit of Yoga4Unity, bring yoga teachers together and organise as free yoga event in your community and win amazing yoga prizes from the Y4u partner institutions.
To know more apply and submit, explore below.

Y4U in Chennai - India

June 1 & 2 we celebrate Yoga together in Chennai - Check it out!

Yoga for Unity Masterclasses

Find in one platform the voice of many of the great Yoga Masters who share their wisdom and yogic methods to deal with the difficulties of daily life. It is simple and practical, and it is made for you.

Youth Yog Yatra

Travel to Rishikesh

In October 2024, travel to Rishikesh, the valley of Yoga, on the bank of the River Ganga. Spend a day in some of the famous yoga institutions. Follow the rhythm of the ashrams, participate in Jagya ceremony, yoga classes, chanting, discourses, meditation, satsangs and other activities of the place. A truly transformative experience exculsively for Youth!

Practice Daily

With the greatest Yoga institutions

From March 3rd 2024, get on your mat for live yoga sessions from 6 to 6:30 AM (Indian Standard Time). Discover the many styles of Yoga and find one that suits you!
To receive a certificate of participation, sign into the Y4U and create your account. All the Y4U courses are free.
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Our Collaborators

Our Vision and Mission

Yoga in each and every home

Yoga for Unity aims to unite all Yoga Institutions to preserve and promote yoga practices and philosophy across the world and make them accessible to one and all free of cost.

What to expect in 2024?

Celebrating 10 years of IDY!

In 2024, the Yoga for Unity program addresses the youth and takes you beyond the 21st of June with a year of events, online, onsite.
  •     Practice daily ONLINE , find your yoga style.
  •     Reflect on simple changes with one of our 3 free courses.
  •     Learn from the finest yoga masters of our time.
  •     Meet ONSITE at Kanha Shanti Vanam, India for the Youth4Yoga.
  •     Give back by leading an IDY event in your community.

And more!...Travel with the yog yatra to experience yoga life and visit the Paris Master Yoga exhibition at the UNESCO.
To access the online content make sure you sign into the website.

Youth Unite

Join the movement!

This 2024, join the Youth Unite movement dedicated to empower a fresh wave of youth pioneers who are committed to shaping their own futures and making a positive mark.

Y4U supports this initiative by orienting its themes and practices towards the need of the youth of today. What secrets can this ancient science offer the modern generation?

Know more about Youth Unite

Master Yoga

Paris UNESCO 2024

This June 2024, we invite you to discover your Yoga Potential by joining the Master Yoga exhibition in France, at the UNESCO, Paris. Explore this thousand-year-old practice in all its richness with a fun and educational sensory experience.

The exhibition is intended as a place of experience open to all audiences and will travel in Europe in the next months: Parlement Européen Bruxelles, Musée des JO Lausanne.

What is Yoga for Unity?

Yoga for Unity strives to unite all authentic yoga institutions to promote and preserve the practices and philosophies of yoga, and make them available to one and all. Yoga institutions and teachers from all over the globe have united in the hope that the benefits of yoga will reach more and more people.

Virtual Yoga Village

Our online Yoga Village is where different yoga schools unite on a single platform so you have the ease of access to all of them at the click of a button. Yoga for Unity welcomes you all to visit virtually, India's most prestigious yoga schools, from the comfort of your home. Listen to their experts, learn from their teachers, and practice with them.

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