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Yoga for Unity aims to unite all Yoga Institutions to preserve and promote yoga practices and philosophy across the world and make them accessible to one and all free of cost.

Yoga4Unity 2023 Week 12

Yoga all over the Globe!

As we are entering the month of June and getting closer to the International Day of Yoga, events multiply; this week you can practice in Abu Dhabi - UAE or in Nanning - China! There are many that you will be able to join onsite to prepare yourself for the big day. Check out what happens in your region and mark your calendars!

This Wednesday is the last week of the Yoga Sadhana and together we will ensure to find how to do a 'Sustained practice and Change'. Connect on Wednesday live 6 AM to understand how your yoga practice lead to inner change.

Yoga4Unity 2023 season is here!

Yoga for Unity 2023 is taking a look at Mental Health through Yoga.  

Y4U is online through this platform and telecast daily. This year the Y4U is celebrated onsite with global programs.

We invite yoga organizations and seekers to join us. The program started on March 14, 2023. Register to get some updates with our weekly newsletter.

What to expect?

  •     Practice daily ONLINE with the most prestigious yoga institutions of the world.
  •     Engage ONSITE with yoga teachers from your country (check calendar).
  •     Learn the finest yoga practices of our time.
  •     Take a free online course for 14 weeks to deepen your understanding of Yoga.

Now, more than ever, make yoga a part of your life. We are here to support you. To access the online content make sure you sign into the website.

Across the globe

A Wave of Yoga for 100 Days. Events will happen onsite, week after week, from Sidney, Australia to Fremont (CA) California. Find the Yoga4Unity event in your country.

What is Yoga for Unity?

Yoga for Unity strives to unite all authentic yoga institutions to promote and preserve the practices and philosophies of yoga, and make them available to one and all. Yoga institutions and teachers from all over the globe have united in the hope that the benefits of yoga will reach more and more people.

Virtual Yoga Village

Our online Yoga Village is where different yoga schools unite on a single platform so you have the ease of access to all of them at the click of a button. Yoga for Unity welcomes you all to visit virtually, India's most prestigious yoga schools, from the comfort of your home. Listen to their experts, learn from their teachers, and practice with them.

My Yoga, My Choice

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Are you already a practitioner who simply wants to dive deeper into the realms of yoga? Or maybe you are uncomfortable with high-end yoga programs where you are expected to twist into strenuous asanas on the very first day? Don’t worry. We have customized our yoga offerings into separate categories especially for you. Explore the possibilities below and pick what suits you.

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