Discover Well-being, Starting Today

Travel with us around the world on your mat, join the yoga class every morning with a different teacher and find the yoga that suits you!

Take this challenge for 100 days finding renewed energy to practice and feel the benefits of yoga, not only at the physical, but also at the mind level.

What to Expect?

Find new class every day!

Each week Y4U travels to another part of the world in a giant wave of Yoga from the East to the West. Experience the effect of a continuous practice. Take the 100 days and practice with the support of a global community.

  • Login to discover the yoga class of the day

  • Daily 30 min practice class with a different teacher

  • Practice at a time that suits you on your account

What Will I Need?

This is how you can prepare yourself for this course:

  • Place

    Make sure you have a well ventilated place, avoid being to close to furniture and fragile items.

  • Material

    A yoga mat and comfortable cotton clothing to let the body move and breathe naturally. Make sure your mat does not slip.

  • Time

    Set aside at least 30 min for the daily practice, more if you want to meditate. Other content can be explored at your own pace.

How Does It Work?

Enroll for free with your email, create a password for the course.

You should receive an email (Check your spam in case!) Each week you will get updates with what is coming up in your course. Follow the link, log in with your email and password created to access your course. You will be able to track your progress.