Our Mission

To bring yoga to every home through selfless service and collaboration with diverse yoga institutions from across the world with compassion and respect for one another.

Our Vision

  • Unity

    Bring yoga institutions together to collaborate with love, compassion and respect for each other

  • Diversity

    Preserve, present and promote diverse yoga practices and philosophies of institutions across the globe

  • Accessibility

    Allow for free, easy and equal access of yoga to all mankind, transcending race, gender, location, language and faith

The ‘Seva’ Spirit

Serving without expectation!

We recognize that yoga is man’s essential birthright and all must have easy access to it. All our collaborators, the yoga institutions, its members, masters, teachers and practitioners, have the same aim in our hearts – that of bringing yoga home to you. We thank them for their support.

We believe in service, compassion and sharing based on the model of ‘Gift Ecology,’ a concept that allows one to offer what one can – time, expertise, donation, space – without expecting anything in return.

Yoga for Unity 2021 & 2022

Our Global Success

Yoga for Unity, the 100 days of Yoga program, was started in 2021 and endorsed by the Ministry of Ayush, Government of India, the United Nations DPI and the Association of Indian Universities. Their presence allowed the program to reach over 21 million people in 159 countries across the globe. in 2022, the initiative was replicated in 10 regional channels with the addition of 8 languages to reach out more people.

Impact of 100 days of Yoga

Research article on Y4U program

This study explored the differences in 7 domains of HRQOL (including quality of life, ability to adopt a healthy lifestyle, ability to relax, frequency of nervousness and stress, coping with day-to-day stress, workplace productivity, and staying healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic) among practitioners of yoga and meditation. Overall, a yoga and meditation practice was found to be an effective tool for promoting HRQOL. Regular yoga and meditation practice was associated with factors promoting health and well-being, with long-term meditation practice associated with increased benefits.