Y4U programs in Uganda

Practice locally for a global event

Yoga for unity brings yoga teachers together in a common event to share their love for yoga and for the benfits that it can bring. On the fifth week of the 2023 program, Yoga4Unity is in Uganda. Join us for FREE for a good practice!

Taking Yoga to Slums

Kisenyi Slum Yoga is an initiative that rehabilitates, empowers and resettles street children while indirectly using body movement that is yoga as therapy. George Okurut was the first teacher at the project. Learn more about our Yoga for Unity teacher from Uganda.

Free Kampala Onsite Program

Sunday April 16, 2023

"Everyday is a great day for Yoga." 

Join us Sunday April 16 for Yoga by Mr Sudhakar Karumuru trained in Patanjali Yoga and Heartfulness Meditation by Sona Shah at Lohana Academy Hall.

Plot 50 | 54 Prince Charles Drive | Kampala | Uganda

8.00 am : Yoga by Patanjali

Prayer,  Yogic Suksma Vyayamas with Mudras,  Yogasanas,  Pranayamas

8.45am : Meditation by Heartfulness

Introduction to Heart-based Meditation 

9.00 am : Prayer for Peace 

Make Yoga your companion and incorporate it in your lifestyle learning various asanas from the expert yoga teacher every Sunday. 

The program is free and all are welcome. 

Here in Uganda we have Yoga session every Sunday at Lohana Academy Hall. 

Time: 8 am every Sunday 

I can't come onsite...

Join the online course and practice at home!

Yoga for unity is also available online so that you can practice with the teachers from Africa wherever you are in the world, and this is how you can practice with us.

  • Place

    Make sure you have a well ventilated place, avoid being too close to furniture and fragile items.

  • Material

    A yoga mat and comfortable cotton clothing to let the body move and breathe naturally. Make sure your mat does not slip.

  • Time

    Set aside at least 30 min for the daily practice, more if you want to meditate. Other content can be explored at your own pace.

How Does It Work?

Enroll for free with your email, create a password for the course.

You should receive an email (Check your spam in case!) Each week you will get updates with what is coming up in your course. Follow the link, log in with your email and password created to access your course. You will be able to track your progress. You will find Yoga teachers from Africa in the Week 5 of the Daily Practice space.